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Spending all your time in the office or in school isn’t healthy at all. You should also devote a good amount of your time every week to relax and have fun. Once you do so, you’ll be happier and far from any trace of fatigue or stress. And with a residence in this property, taking some time off to release your stress is as easy as pie. That’s made possible with the inclusion of several amenities by the developers of Bali Hai Residences.

The Philippines is a nation that’s madly in love with basketball. It’s no different here in Bali Hai Residences. That’s why there’s a basketball court for residents to enjoy when the sudden need to play ball arises. With this court, anyone can play ball with great people from the community without any form of interference.

If playing basketball isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be glad to know there’s a swimming pool that’s available at your beck and call anytime of the day. This is very beneficial for you and your family, especially during months when the scorching sun won’t even take a rest. With this pool, you need not go far to the beach for a quick dip. You just need to take a little walk and you can swim to your heart’s desire. Now, that’s an advantage you can readily have when you have a home here in Bali Hai Residences.

Kids also have something to look forward to with a residence in this property. There are several parks and a playground that caters to children and provides them with a safe space for them to play. Unlike in other places in the big city, you don’t need to worry about moving cars or criminals lurking near your children when they spend time in these recreational facilities. Here, they can run, jump, and play with peers of their age without any care in the world.

And since we’ve tackled the idea of people who may cause you harm, you don’t need to worry about them. Bali Hai Residences are under the protection of a dependable security team that will oversee every entrance and activity inside the property. With these security personnel and officials, you can be assured your way of living will not be under any threat of crime.

A home will always be a place of growth and progress for a family. In Bali Hai Residences, you can achieve all of these things and more with the aid of high-quality amenities and recreational facilities. With this benefit, you know your domestic standards are raised high above what you expected. Your lifestyle will never be the same again, courtesy of a great community found only in Bali Hai Residences.


  • Entrance Gate
  • Multi-Purpose Clubhouse
  • Open space for recreational activities
  • Basketball Court
  • Parks and playground
  • Swimming Pool
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